“Renal Wellness: How to Nurture and Protect Your Kidneys”

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body. To be able to take care of our kidneys well, we need to understand what they are and what they do. They are two bean shaped organs located at the back just below the rib cage on each side. They filter the blood to remove waste, toxins, water which is passed out in our urine. It also helps in regulating blood pressure and red blood cells production. The kidneys basically help to keep balance in our body’s metabolism.


How we treat our kidneys has an overall impact on our health. In this article we will discuss about various ways to protect our kidneys.

1. Eating healthy.

Having a good and healthy diet will help to protect your kidneys. It reduces the amount of toxins and waste your body has to get rid of hence not overworking the kidneys. A healthy diet should consist of whole grains, proteins, low fat, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to reduce sugar intake and high cholesterol foods. Portion control while eating is also very important because high caloric intake of healthy foods is harmful to the body.

2. Exercise

It is recommended to do at least 30 mins of moderate activity three times a week. It could be walking, running, jumping etc. Maintaining a healthy weight will help your heart function well and ultimately reduce stress on your kidneys which also helps in controlling blood pressure.

3. Regular checkups

Getting regular checkups will help in early diagnosis of any kidney related diseases. See your doctor at least twice a year to get checked.

4. Control blood pressure.

It is very important to check your blood pressure regularly. Every person above 30 years should have a home BP monitor. If you can not afford one you can go to the nearby pharmacies where they offer free BP checks. If there are any discrepancies in the blood pressure , you should see a doctor for proper treatment. An unchecked BP can lead to heart and kidney failure.

5. Control your blood sugar.

As with blood pressure, maintaining a good blood glucose level is very important. Diabetes is one of the main killer disease in so many parts of the world especially in developing countries. Checking your blood sugar regularly will help in early detection and not only protect your kidneys but other organs in your body.

6. Quit smoking and alcohol.

Smoking of cigarettes, weed, tobacco etc with or without the consumption of alcohol can be very damaging to the kidneys. The waste and toxins produced from the consumption of these has to be excreted by the kidneys. Continuous consumption will lead to overworking of kidneys and subsequent damage.

Taking care of your kidneys ultimately means taking care of your health. It is way cheaper than being managed for kidney disease. Eat well, drink enough water , sleep and exercise and your kidneys will thank you!

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  1. Doctor Ope, thanks so much for this information. I have a question – is it good to take supplements that help detoxify the body regularly?

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